When:            March 10">



When:            March 10, 2007  Completed

Where:            Burchbrook Farms (Directions Below)

Info/Cost:        10 Classes $1 Entry Fee per Class

Prizes:             Winner of each class will win of all entry fees for that class.

All experience, levels and disciplines WELCOME!!

Game Day Class Descriptions
(Full Page Collage)

1.) Musical stalls-Elimination Game- Stalls made of poles will be set up in the center of the arena.  There will be one less stall than the number of horses.  Music will be turned on.  A designated gait and direction will be called.  When the music stops riders ride into the nearest stall and must remain there (horse will be eliminated if they step out of “stall.”)  Rider left without stall will be eliminated.  One stall will be removed and then music cycle is repeated.  Riders must maintain a constant gait and always ride forward to the next available (may not reverse directions.) 

Winner: Rider to get to stall in last round of game.

2.)  Boots in a Bucket-Relay Game- Riders will be paired off in 2 or 4 riders to a team.  Boots will be placed on the top of jump standards.  Riders have to cross start line and ride to standard, remove one boot, drop boot in bucket, then ride back to finish line.  The next rider does the same routine. Winner: First team to get all boots in bucket wins.

3.) Obstacle Course- Rider to complete course with the fastest time wins.

Back through "L" 

Foot in tire

Cross over palm fronds

Cross over tarp

Weave 4 cones 

4.) Ride-A-Buck Elimination Game- Bareback rider will place a dollar bill under seat.  Rider will be asked to walk and trot.  Rider may also be required to maneuver around poles, barrels and over jumps.  Winner: Last rider to have dollar bill.  WINNER WINS ALL OTHER PARTICIPANT’S DOLLARS.

5.) Treasure Hunt- Riders will be given a list of “treasures” hidden around the arena that they must retrieve.  Winner:  The first rider to collect all items on their list and cross the finish line first                        .

6.)  Ribbon Race- Riders will be paired off into teams of 2.  Each team member will hold the end of a 2 ’ ribbon and perform various tasks announced during race.  Obstacles may be used. Winner: Last team with un-torn ribbon.

7.)  Egg & Spoon Race- Elimination Game- Riders hold an egg on a spoon as they ride at specified gait by announcer.  Rider may not touch egg once the race has begun.  Winner: Last rider with egg on spoon.

8.)  Baton Relay Race- Teams of 2 or 4 riders.  Each rider must carry a baton during their “leg” of the race.  They then pass off the baton to the next rider who will complete their portion of the race.  Winner:  Whichever team’s final rider is the first to cross the finish line wins.

9.) Pairs Jumping Class- Teams of 2 riders.  A course of four fences (less than 18”) will be set up.  Each pair of riders must jump together while holding a “stick.”  Winner: Team to complete course with the fastest time and no rails down wins.

Judges & Helpers

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