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Whether you're not completely sure what it means or you're on your way to Prix St. George, Sam can help. Starting with your Riding Basics, you will find your turns are softer, your horse is focused, your accuracy is improved, your horse can relax his topline, and his availability and submission to your aids will be great.  All the basic requirements of a dressage test will be accomplished. With your horse's mind available, it will become an enjoyable partnership as you progress towards higher levels.

If you're already competing at higher levels you will appreciate the small details Sam offers to help you the correct the effectiveness of your position to influence aids that will create a quality, fluid and rhythmic ride. You will start to fine tune your marks at the bottom of the test while coached by a keen eye.

TEC has two full size sand dressage arenas; one has a set of four large mirrors for personal viewing. 


Our jump course with brightly colored jumps including:  roll tops, flower boxes, gates, planks and more, will invite you to improve and gain experience. Learn how to ride accurate and fluid lines, bending lines, long and short approaches, land on the correct lead and address the technical details to become a winner in the ring. By addressing clear communication between horse and rider on the flat first, the rest will "jump" into place.  With the rider thinking and making decisions throughout the course, they will be taking their horse for a rewarding ride rather than just hanging on and "surviving the ride."




Cross country can be an exhilarating jumping experience (for us anyway)! We have trails for beginners that range from no jumps to those with logs to tables, a water complex and coops. A cross country training course is in progress. From beginner riders learning about hill climbs and descents and traveling through both a wooded setting and open fields the woods to more advanced experienced riders, The Equestrian Center has something to offer everyone.


Tired of going round and round? Looking for the opportunity to leg up your horse? Our half mile long conditioning track is made of wood chips spread 10-12' wide. It offers an easy dip and short uphill that encourages a variety of striding with long stretches for a fun gallop!  Completely surrounded by fencing, you'll enjoy a safe ride with an open feel.



A natural horsemanship equestrian center offering Alternative Horsemanship, riding lessons and training in ground work, jumping, dressage, cross country, endurance, trail, western horsemanship & riding plus much more.  Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey offers training with a focus on colt starting, refinement and finishing. Horses learn respect at TEC's charm school. Instruction offered by Sam Harvey, whose background includes 3 Day Eventing, Jumpers, Western Horsemanship, Dressage and more.  Sam is also an alumna of The United States Pony Club Youth Congress. Have your young children come join our Pony Pals Program with Jennifer Harvey. We offer facility membership and rentals for use of:  round pens, dressage arenas, conditioning tracks, beginner trails, jumping & gaming arenas and more! Gorgeous, scenic location with easy access on Selle Road in Sandpoint, Idaho available for recreational and recognized shows with overnight camping and overnight corrals, even for overnight travelers. We winter in Yuma, Arizona and offer lessons, training and clinics.  Samantha offers clinics throughout the United States along with Spring and Summer Full Immersion Camp Clinics in ID, private horsemanship and responses online to Ask the Trainer.