A good horseman can hear his horse speak to him.  A great horseman can hear his horse whisper.  But a poor horseman won't hear his horse even if it screams at him!



"Great trainers become famous not because their horses win this or that race, nor because they gentle this or that giant -- though they often do both -- but because they cross the line between the human and the nonhuman. We do that every day when we read a book and make an imaginary world come to life; or when we pray for change in the world around us. It also happens on horseback, or with hands on the lines. We enter the horse's world, with its own grammar and syntax, its own codes and conventions. This is no more mysterious than a foreign language when we first see or hear it. But then it can transform us. As we learn the new language, we find ourselves thinking and feeling differently without even realizing it." -- J Edward Chamberlin in "Horse, How the Horse has Shaped Civilizations"



The way to a horse's feet is through his mind.