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At TEC we customize training programs to suit both the owner and the horse’s needs, along with the owner's budget.  We offer training packages from one week to six months.  We ask that horses are current on shots, vaccinations, worming and hoof care. Horses do not need to be shod because we have mostly sandy footing. Included in the training package is training and either grass or alfalfa hay.  Horses are kept with a maximum of three other training horses of the same sex in wooded pastures ranging from one to two acres.   They are fed twice a day and have access to an automatic water system at the top of a slight hill- this helps with self-conditioning every time they go to get a drink of water and burning off any excess energy.

Generally a horse is brought in for a week long evaluation of its mental, physical, emotional and educational status.  Then we discuss our evaluation with the owner and best direction to help the horse gain confidence, experience, and education. 


Our goal is to encourage horses that come to us to want to “try” for their owners in any situation by offering their mental and emotional availability which in turns allows their physical availability.  All aspects of interacting with the horses are addressed, from catching them in the pasture to jumping fences to crossing natural obstacles; we are looking for the horse to have a positive experience when they work with us.

We strongly encourage owner participation as the horse gains confidence and experience.   Owners are invited to watch training sessions and eventually partake in lessons with their horse both working on the ground and riding.  This way we can send both horse and owner home with clear communication and a raised level of awareness to create a respectful and rewarding partnership with each other.

Unstarted and up from AZ for the summer, now 3 yr old Asa (Haflinger) with happy owner Chris and friend, Breezer, on their first trail ride together practicing in ID

Horses are worked Monday thru Friday (not by the clock.)  Our goal is to start and end on a positive note.  Horses may be dropped off Monday-Friday between 8am and 12pm.  For one week of training (Sam working with only the horse) which includes board is $200; if the horse and owner are in full training (any combo of five sessions and including board) the fee is $225.  Full payment of each week is required PRIOR to training.  We have a waiting list so owners can secure the next available spot by paying a NON-REFUNDABLE $200 deposit. 
Checks should be made payable to TEC or you may use Pay Pal. Please Add Special Instructions to Seller by referencing your contact info and your horse's name.


How to reserve your Training Spot:

There is usually a Training waiting list.  To reserve the next available spot, please send us a non-refundable deposit.  Horses are accepted in the order that deposits are received.

If you would like to pay by check or cash the following are the costs for training:

Training: $200/wk/horse

Full Training $225/wk/horse

Checks are payable to "TEC" and can be mailed to:

55 Trotter Lane
Sandpoint, ID 83864

If you would like to use the PayPal option to reserve the costs are:

Prices are per week-7 day period

Please note there is a $5 surcharge to cover PayPal costs.

Don't want to "lose" another six months of training with your horse?

Send your horse with us!  We often bring AZ horses to ID for summer training and ID horses to AZ for winter training.  Please feel free to email or call if you have any further questions.


A natural horsemanship equestrian center offering alternative horsemanship and riding lessons and training in ground work, jumping, dressage, cross country, endurance, trail, western horsemanship & riding plus much more.  Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey offers training with a focus on colt starting, refinement and finishing. Horses learn respect at TEC's charm school. Instruction offered by Sam Harvey, whose background includes 3 Day Eventing, Jumpers, Western Horsemanship, Dressage and more.  Sam is also an alumna of The United States Pony Club Youth Congress. Have your young children come join our Pony Pals Program with Jennifer Harvey. We offer facility membership and rentals for use of:  round pens, dressage arenas, conditioning tracks, beginner trails, jumping & gaming arenas and more! Gorgeous, scenic location with easy access on Selle Road in Sandpoint, Idaho available for recreational and recognized shows with overnight camping and overnight corrals, even for overnight travelers. We winter in Yuma, Arizona and offer lessons, training and clinics.  Samantha offers clinics throughout the United States along with Spring and Summer Full Immersion Camp Clinics in ID, private horsemanship and responses online to Ask the Trainer.