Alternative Horsemanship
Alternative Horsemanship

Horsemanship Clinics

with Samantha Harvey

Learning Equine Behavior to Build Partnerships

Trust between Humans and Horse


"It was a great weekend, Sam! My biggest takeaway was a profound realization that our horses need our support, guidance, and direction amidst the chaos in their heads that manifests as “busy-ness” or unwanted behaviors. Supporting our horses and redirecting their thoughts during those insecure moments, instead of critiquing them, teaches them that they can trust the human to be there for them. Trust that the human is worth following. When They can trust that you are looking out for them emotionally, mentally, and physically, a true partnership can develop with your horse. Now to go and do my best with each horse I interact with to apply these principles. I want to be worth following. Thanks!"
Jenni White Burch, Coconut Creek, Fl 2020


"A beautiful day at the Oakzanita Ranch in Descanso for our horse clinic with Samantha Harvey. Gunny and Cody enjoyed a nap before their lesson time. So grateful that Sam became part of our horse world. Learning so much about how the horse thinks, keeping the horse focused on the human and so much MORE. Learning while having fun is awesome. Love seeing the change in the horse at the end of the lesson. Thank you." 
Pam Rose, Bonita, CA 2020


"Absolutely love your work. Love that you share what your do. The way you teach and share in a manner that people can take in. Bringing light and awareness to changing one's emotional state, stance, and movement and how that completely changes how the horse perceives the human's communication. Thank you for everything."

Leeonie S, Ireland, 2023


"Love the time spent with you. I'm learning so much about myself and my horses, thank you for all that you do to help humans understand the equine!"

Amelia, Australia, 2023

Upcoming Horse Clinics

Samantha Harvey's Alternative Horsemanship clinics provide diverse learning opportunities for equestrians of all interests. Through her guidance, riders can enhance their horsemanship skills, develop a deeper understanding of equine behavior and communication, and build strong partnerships with their horses. Additionally, she offers training in anatomical riding and helps riders improve their awareness while refining their abilities.

Full Immersion Clinic

Private Facility

Coconut Creek, FL
February 24-25, 2024


Private Facility

Alpine, CA

February 10-11, 2024


The Equestrian Center

Sandpoint, ID

August 23-25, 2024


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Individual Private Clinic Weekends

Intensive five-session series.

The Equestrian Center, LLC

Sandpoint, Idaho

May-September 2024

Oakzanita Ranch Clinic Series           Descanso, CA    

One-hour private sessions- groundwork and riding.


January 24-29, 2024

February 28-March 4, 2024

March 27- April 1, 2024


These are the only clinics Sam allows FREE auditing at.
Please email the Clinic Host here to learn details and availability, and get on the waitlist.


2024 Unmounted Oakzanita Ranch Group Sessions

Oakzanita Ranch, Descanso CA

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International Clinics

Uruguay & Argentina email for details

December 2022-January 2023


Dubai UAE 

December 2024

 Hosting A Clinic at Your Facility or Event


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