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"I was just glancing through FB and saw a post... I have had my paint gelding for six years now and he continues to teach me every ride. He is kind, willing, engaged... You started me down this path years ago and it's been such an amazing experience. I never look at a horse without thinking, "Where's his mind?" And thank you for that lesson. Just thought you should know the seeds you planted took root. Keep up the good work and know that it really does sink in no matter how old we are!"

Marilyn, WA  2022

"Thank you for all you do for horses and their humans, and all you generously share through Facebook. I’ve learned a ton via your free offerings (writings and video clips) and taking your Reading The Horse online horsemanship course. I really look forward to working with you much more closely in the future."

Kellie, ID 2020

Samantha Harvey offers onsite horsemanship, groundwork, and riding lessons from May to October at The Equestrian Center, LLC, in Sandpoint, Idaho. During the summer, Sam accepts a limited number of horses and students for individualized horse training programs, Full Immersion Horsemanship Clinics, and Private Horsemanship Clinics. In winter, she is based in Yuma, Arizona, providing lessons and horse training between clinics and international teaching. However, horse rentals or boarding services are not available.


Frequently Asked Questions:


- Do you teach beginners or novice students? Yes, we do, but only during the limited summer season when lesson horse availability is limited. Students must enroll in weekly private sessions for at least three months. Our lessons teach the basics of safe handling/tacking, understanding horse behavior, correct riding, and more. However, we do not offer discipline-specific sessions.


- Do you offer horse boarding? No, we do not. Horses enrolled in a training program are allowed to stay on the property.


- Do you offer specific horsemanship and horseback riding clinics? Yes, clinic focus and topics vary depending on the participants' preferences, ranging from horsemanship to discipline-specific. The Full Immersion Clinics can provide a combination of groundwork and horseback riding depending on the clinic participants and their horses.


- Do you accept horses for training? Yes, on a limited basis between April and September at the Sandpoint, ID, The Equestrian Center facility. For more information, please visit the Training page for details.


- Do you offer horse-related consultations? Every month, equine enthusiasts worldwide contact Sam for help with horse-related questions, assessments, opinions, and more. Visit the Remote Horse Coach website for details regarding Telephone and Video Consultations.


- Do you teach off-site? Teaching off-site is limited to The Equestrian Center's summer location, with a minimum of three consecutive sessions booked on the same day, and can depend on Sam's clinic schedule at the Arizona winter location. If you would like to learn more, please email us.


- What is the Remote Horse Coaching video catalog? Sam has developed online and distance horse learning opportunities, including horsemanship webinars, individualized horse coaching via videos, online horse courses, and weekly video posts on the Alternative Horsemanship Channel. For more information, please check out our Video Catalogue.


- How can I better understand my horse's behavior? Sam developed a 7-part Reading the Horse equine behavior course using seven 17-minute videos to help break down the mystery of equine behavior and horse communication.


- Can I visit the facility? Yes, you can, but you must schedule your visit in advance. Please email us to set up a visit.


- When is your next Equine Retreat? Our next specialized equine retreat with Samantha Harvey will be held in 2024 in St. George, Utah. For more information and pre-registration, please visit our website.