Sam's goal is to create a mental and emotional availability in your horse in order to achieve the physical response you are asking of your horse. We are not looking for your horse to "go through the motions" and tolerate what is being asked, instead we want him to feel "warm and fuzzy" on the inside so that he offers to "try" for you. Remember we are working with animals that have their own set of emotions, feelings, and thoughts and must consider those in order to gain their trust and respect.


Horses are not machines. Therefore Sam REQUIRES all horse owners to commit to at least one week of one-on-one time with her and their horse before they take their equine home so that they can better understand her approach and "tools" in communicating and helping the horse.


Assessment -  To evaluate where your horse is mentally, emotionally, and physically when you interact with him.


Basic Manners -  Does your horse respect your personal space and give you 100% of his attention when you are handling him?


Blanketing -  Will your horse stand (loose and/or tied) and accept willingly for you to blanket any part of his body?


Feet/Farrier -  Does he stand quietly and give the foot you asked for while bearing his own weight?


Fly Spraying -  Will your horse stand without moving a single foot when you fly spray him?


Jumping -  If you present an obstacle while you are on the ground or mounted, will your horse mentally address and quietly step over it?


Leading - Does your horse respect your personal space? Will he follow willingly without rushing under all circumstances?  Can you direct his thought and movement with the lead rope?


Pressure- Does your horse follow and yield to pressure whether it be with the lead rope, rein, or your leg? Or does he react heavy and drag you around?

Ponying  - Can your horse be ponied comfortably from either side of another horse while maintaining a respectful space?


Refinement -  Does your horse seem compliant but has “just one issue” caused by a lack of mental availability which prevents his physical try?


Round Pen-Ground Work -  Can you direct, influence, or send your horse's thought and attention to where you would like his body to move?


Saddling/Bridling -  Will your horse accept all aspects of tacking up either loose or tied without resistance or excessive movement?


­Starting -  Horses that have 45 days or less interacting with humans.


Streams/Puddles -  Will he first mentally address and then quietly, physically cross willingly when asked?



    - Will your horse mentally address the trailer without excessive movement?
    - Will your horse slowly, quietly, and confidently load and unload?


Trail Riding

     - Does walking through the woods or open spaces bother him?
    - Does brush, wind, water, logs, and ditches cause him to become stressed?
    - Can he walk slowly up and down hills or does he have to rush?
    - Can he maintain mental availability to be a “fun” ride while riding towards, away from, or with a group of horses?­


Tying -  Will your horse stand still when tied to cross ties, hitching posts, trailer, ground tie, etc.?


Water/Bathing -  Will your horse stand quietly while bathing him?

Sam accepts a limited number of training horses each season. Please click HERE to register and get on the waitlist.





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