Horse Riding Disciplines taught by Samantha Harvey

Horse lessons, horsemanship sessions, confident rider courses

Horsemanship & Equine Partnership

Learn how to build an equine partnership through understanding horsemanship and the horse's behavior, being able to influence his thoughts and movements based on a solid foundation of clear communication and trust. 


Not sure where to start with your horse? Have goals but need to understand how to achieve them with you and your horse's current skill-set? Options include one session to a week-long assessment to help you become clear on how to reach success with your horse.

Colt Starting, Refinement & Finishing

 Sam educates horses in a thoughtful, supportive manner to build a solid foundation for future learning. Participate as she furthers their experiences to create curious, willing, and reasonable equine partners.

Western Riding & Trail

Learn to help support your horse through clear, specific, and segmented communication in order to create a trusting and willing partner. Enjoy building the foundation for an enjoyable equine partnership and riding out in the "real world."



Build the foundation of anatomically correct riding, equine biomechanics, and specific communication to achieve balanced and quality movement. Understand the classical principles in clear and practical lessons.

Show Jumping & Cross Country

Build upon your flatwork and learn how to influence the horse's thought, energy, and quality of movement to improve the rhythm, timing, and balance of your jump.  Refine your timing and finesse while increasing your confidence in full jump courses.