Alternative Horsemanship
Alternative Horsemanship

Horse Riding Disciplines Instruction

with Samantha Harvey


Lessons, horsemanship sessions, confident rider courses

Interested in building a strong partnership with your horse? Learn about horsemanship and horse training with our guidance. Assessments are offered to help understand your current skill set and create a plan for success.


Our education for horses is thoughtful and supportive, providing a solid foundation for future learning. We require a minimum of three months and owner participation to start young horses under saddle.


We offer Western Riding & Trail prep sessions to build trust and create a willing partnership with your horse.


Our Dressage lessons focus on the foundation of anatomically correct riding, equine biomechanics, and specific communication to achieve balanced and quality movement.


In our Show Jumping & Cross Country sessions, you'll improve your timing, balance, and finesse while increasing your confidence while riding over jump courses.


With our effective communication and trust-building techniques, we're confident we can help you build a strong, safe, and enjoyable relationship with your horse. So why wait? Start your journey to success today.


"I feel that she has really opened my eyes and given me a brand new and exciting way of RIDING my horse. I have competed for the last 15 years or so and with some nice success but, I realize I only rode to compete if that makes sense. I told Sam that I really didn't like riding by myself, basically keeping my horse legged up and in shape to compete but what I realized in riding with Sam in just a short time is that most of that riding was mindless, and realized that I was missing the best part!" Kim, AZ