Alternative Horsemanship
Alternative Horsemanship

Horseback Riding with Samantha Harvey

Horse rider training and learning



"I have worked with a lot of trainers but once I audited one of Samantha's classes I was hooked. It was and continues to be the best training for me and my horse. So blessed to have found her." Theresa, CA 2019


"Samantha Harvey has helped me with my horses for many years. She has given me the ability to relate to them in a new way that has let me slow down and take the time to address the underlying holes in their training. It has been very rewarding and I can see new interest and partnership with all of my horses. I look forward to working with my horses and seeing what we can accomplish!" Laura, AZ 2018

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When I teach new students, the first thing I do is get to know them. Everyone learns differently, and there are many ways to learn horseback riding. I want to understand their background and experience to teach a personalized, relevant lesson.


I know it can be nerve-wracking to ride in front of someone new. I observe their warm-up to get an idea of their skills and abilities. During our initial discussion, we assess how they and their horse are that day and any concerns they may have.  By understanding each student's background, goals, and expectations, I can evaluate them and their horse as individuals and as a team. This helps me tailor the lesson to their specific needs and abilities. I want to help them become confident riders who learn to communicate effectively with their horse.


It's essential to me that my students feel comfortable asking questions. I'm here to help them learn, and I want to make sure they understand the concepts I'm teaching. Trust is crucial in any coach-student relationship. I want my students to know that I'm here to help them and that they can trust me to guide them on their horsemanship journey. 


I enjoy teaching both children and adults. Everyone learns differently, and I love the challenge of finding the best way to teach each individual. At this time students must own a horse to participate in either groundwork or riding lessons.