Alternative Horsemanship
Alternative Horsemanship

Host an Alternative Horsemanship Clinic

Riding Instructor and International Coach

Horse Clinician Samantha Harvey 

Typically Samantha Harvey's horse and horsemanship clinics are booked months in advance but occasionally have last-minute openings. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to get a clinic organized.  Once you have five to eight committed participants we can schedule a clinic at your facility.

Host's responsibilities: Don't be scared! It's quite an easy and fun way to gather like-minded horse people for a fun-filled, safe, and supportive clinic.

  • Determine at least two date options, times, length of the clinic (2-5 days), and clinic content/focus

  • Secure a suitable facility to hold the clinic (see requirements below)

  • Distribute correspondence/links regarding all clinic-related registration, registration payment, and liability waivers

  • Collect final fees from participants PRIOR to the start of the clinic

  • Organize accommodation/meals for Sam (see below)

  • Act as liaison prior to the clinic between Sam and participants/auditors, be the "on-site" organizer during the clinic

Why should you host a clinic?

Opportunity to bring Sam to your area
Meet other nearby like-minded horse people
Host benefit of $100 discount towards clinic fee

Participant Requirements:

Clinic Size- Smaller, personalized clinics designed to address the individual participant's needs.  Minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 participants in a clinic. All ages, riding levels, and disciplines are welcome.


Clinic Format: Flexible according to the needs and desires of the participants. Most include individualized groundwork sessions and both individual and group riding sessions. 

Facility Requirements:

Riding area- depending on the focus of the clinic i.e. trails, jumps, Dressage arena, etc.
Weather "proof"- depending on the time of year and location
Clean and easily accessible restroom facilities

Trailer Parking facilities
Daytime/ overnight stabling options for participants

Accommodation/ Meals:

Sam is flexible to stay in a guest room or at a nearby hotel.  The accommodation should be booked beginning the night prior to the first day of the clinic through the night of the last day of the clinic.  All meals starting from breakfast on the first day of the clinic through dinner on the last day must be provided for her. 

Clinic Participant Fees:

The cost depends on the number of participants and the length of the clinic.  Typical fees are between $175 to $200/day/participant/horse. Please call or email Sam for a clinic quote.

Auditor Fees:

Auditors welcome $50/day/person.
Sign up HERE with a credit card.
Or send an EMAIL to get registered.

Travel Fees:

Depending on your location either driving or flight arrangements will need to be reimbursed or coordinated- this can be added to the participant fees.  Please email with your location and desired dates for a quote. Typically travel fees are split among participants.


Sam carries professional liability insurance that covers all horse handling and teaching. Copy of policy available upon request.

Click the link for Sam's Liability Waiver, Owner Information Sheet and Participant Registration Form which can be found HERE


"I have had so much fun with the girls since the clinic. Kiara way more expressive and interested in the things that are going on around her. It makes me almost cry to see her opening up and enjoying her world so much more. Cassie is just fabulous - she is still super interested in being involved and close by, but she can hear "no" without shutting down and is able to stand and wait as part of her job. Thank you so much for helping me learn how to unlock the next level of communication with them. I am still unpacking the things I learned and having so much fun practicing and playing with the ideas. Please use whatever you want from this email - I hope it encourages other people to get some time with you and their horses! 

The two days with Sam and my mares were transformational! I emerged with a much clearer understanding of what each of them needed from me, and now we are communicating with more trust, openness, and humor. My younger mare, who might prefer to be in my lap than anywhere else, has discovered her ability to be on her own when that is what I need from her. She is calmer and seems more secure in herself. The older one, who has been with me on this journey for 18 years, is now free to express herself in a way that I have not seen before. She is bright-eyed and curious, and now more often than not, she comes running up to the gate when she sees me. I am excited to keep paying attention to them at the deep level that I learned with Sam, and to be more intentional with my energy and requests. 

The three of us work as a team providing support activities for children with autism. I now have a much clearer picture of how to support each of these girls while we are helping our students. The difference in my horse partners' confidence and security is obvious to the other people who see them regularly, not just to me. I am so thankful for the chance to learn from Sam. My dream would be to have a weekend like that every summer!"

Claire H., Priest River, ID