Individual Private Horsemanship Clinics

Horse and rider learning

with Samantha Harvey

Who is the clinic designed for?

For the individual horse enthusiast (or bring your friends) who would like to participate in an intensive two-day horsemanship clinic with Samantha Harvey.  A variety of topics will be covered during mounted and groundwork sessions designed to best suit you and your horse's individual needs.­

Why do a private clinic?

These are for folks who would like to address more topics than a group clinic allows time for.  Spend more time with your horse(s) and Sam's undivided attention.­

What is included?

Five to Six sessions (approximately an hour to an hour and a half each), two days, three nights board included.  You may stay at The Equestrian Center's facilities free of charge in your own self-contained rig (only porta-potty provided).  Or stay in Sandpoint only 12 miles away.­

Recent feedback from an Individualized Private Clinic participant:


Where is the Clinic?

The Equestrian Center, LLC
Sandpoint, ID 83864

How much is it?

The cost is $250/person/day.  If you bring more than one horse, a boarding fee of $10/day/additional horse is charged.

­How do I sign up?

Email Sam with three-weekend date options that will work for you between May 15 and September 30.  Once an agreed date is confirmed you can register and pay online or by mail.

To register by mail: print and complete the paperwork found on the CLINIC REGISTRATION page and mail with a nonrefundable check payable to "The Equestrian Center" or choose the button below to register with a credit card.

Mail paperwork to:

The Equestrian Center, LLC

­55 Trotter Lane

Sandpoint, ID 83864

To register and pay online click HERE

Sam has a very limited number of weekends available, so book early! You will receive an email confirmation that your paperwork was accepted.


"I'm so thrilled, I just have to tell my friends.  Samantha Harvey is awesome.  After two days and 6+ hours of lessons, I can say it is the best $500 I ever spent.  As an example, the last thing we did was loading.  In 20 minutes she had me loading Sunny very quietly and gently, literally step by step in and out.  I rode Sunny in the round pen, getting her to turn left and right, all very gently, no fuss.  Through the gate, step by step, all very calm.  Absolutely amazing.

Does it work at home? Yep. Unloaded easily.  Nice calm walk to the pasture and back.  Brought her back to the pen, de-wormed her, no fuss.

Her technique is all about horse communication.  Walking through the gate is the same as loading, walking through narrow spaces, putting on the saddle, etc.  There's no going round and round in the round pen.  I suspect you guys already know all about this.  I guess Samantha just talked my language and it all made perfect sense to me.  It's a process I can work with.


Bill B., Sagle, ID 

Spring 2019