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Alternative Horsemanship

the Remote Horse Coach


Online Horsemanship courses, Horse Webinars, Video Catalogue

Individual and Group Distance Coaching

Samantha Harvey of Alternative Horsemanship developed The Remote Horse Coach services for distance horse learning back in 2014. With her innovative teaching approach, students can become proactive and confident horse enthusiasts by understanding and recognizing horse behavior, as well as communicating effectively with their equine partners.


Samantha's Remote Horse Coaching services include online horsemanship courses, video horse assessment and instruction, equine telephone consultations, and individual/group coaching via horse webinars and her Facebook group, Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey. These services are suitable for all types of horseback riders, from the anxious and fearful to the competitive and pleasure riders. Students can choose from various coaching options that fit their lifestyle, time, and budget.


If you want to improve your equine partnership, visit Samantha's Remote Horse Coach website. You can also access over 165 free horsemanship videos, online horse courses, and more horse learning videos on the Alternative Horsemanship with Samantha Harvey VIDEO CATALOG.