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Equestrian Coach Samantha Harvey


Yuma, AZ (at your facility)


at the The Equestrian Center, LLC Sandpoint, ID

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Private horse riding lessons are offered Monday through Friday with flexible scheduling, and weekend lessons can be arranged by special appointment. The lessons last for an hour, and prices start from $80 to $95 per hour, depending on the student's level. However, we offer a discount of $65 for 4-H and Pony Club members who take the lessons with their horses. Please note that we do not provide lesson horses, except for groundwork sessions.


If you need to cancel a lesson, please ensure you give us at least 24 hours notice to avoid a 100% lesson fee charge.


Our Sandpoint facilities are spacious and include a range of features such as Dressage arenas, a 100 x 200 jumping arena, a 150 x 150 gaming arena, beginner trails, a 10-acre infield, two 60' round pens, and a conditioning track. Please bear in mind that we do not have any covered or indoor arenas.


We offer both riding and groundwork sessions. During the groundwork sessions, you will learn how to build trust, and respect and improve communication with your horse before mounting up. Additionally, we will teach you how to assess your horse's behavior and address any unwanted behavioral issues. During the riding sessions, we will discuss the anatomy of the horse and clarify how to use your aids, so you understand what your horse is doing and why. We welcome riders of all levels, from novice to advanced, and we cater to multiple English and Western disciplines such as Dressage, Three Day Eventing, Jumpers, Endurance, ranch work, cutting, reining, and reined cow horse.


If you are unsure what to do next with your horse, you can bring your horse for a one-session assessment, either for groundwork, riding, or both, for an evaluation and some ideas on how to proceed. We can also cover various topics such as equipment fitting and appropriateness.


We require all participants to complete a release of Liability Waiver and payment before any activity.


We offer groundwork sessions only for those who prefer to learn with our lesson horse. Please email us before scheduling to check the availability of our lesson horses.


If you are a young rider, beginner, or getting back into riding, please contact Jennifer at 208-290-7423 for more details. Alternatively, you can visit in Sandpoint, ID, or in Yuma, AZ.


"Having tried several trainers, I was on the verge of replacing my gelding. He would become defensive and refuse to go forward, start spinning, backing, or bucking at the lope. Other trainers had tried to "ride the buck" out of him. This only made him more resentful and insecure. I tried everything, from chiropractic treatment, replacing his saddle pad, changing his feed, and starting over on the ground. However, riding him into a lope was beyond my comfort level and he would buck going into the lope even on the ground. Sam not only had the patience to help me rebuild his confidence but gave me tools to help him as well. Now I have a horse that is learning to trust again and thanks to Sam, when he gets stuck, I can help him through it. Sam's approach is very effective and I have learned so much from her. I look forward to continuing to work with her and my horse". Amanda, UK