Horse and Rider

Training Programs


Horse and rider training from May-September is available at The Equestrian Center, LLC in Sandpoint, ID, and during winter months on a limited basis in Yuma, AZ.

At TEC I customize training programs to suit the owner and horse’s needs, along with the owner's budget.  I offer training packages from one week to six months.  I ask that horses are current on shots, vaccinations, worming, and hoof care. Horses do not need to be shod because we have mostly sandy footing. Included in the training package is training and either grass or alfalfa hay.  Horses are kept with a maximum of three other training horses (of the same sex), in wooded pastures ranging from one to two acres.   They are fed twice a day and have access to an automatic water system at the top of a slight hill- this helps with self-conditioning every time they go to get a drink of water and burning off any excess energy.


Generally, a horse is brought in for an initial week-long evaluation of its mental, physical, emotional, and educational status.  Then I will discuss my evaluation with the owner and the best options to help the horse gain confidence, experience, and education, in order to become the ideal equine partner for the owner's specific goals and abilities.


My goal is to encourage horses that come to us to want to “try” for their owners in any situation by offering their mental and emotional availability which in turn allows their physical availability.  All aspects of interacting with the horse both on the ground and in the saddle; I prioritize the horse having a positive experience when working with me.


I require all owners to participate in a minimum of five sessions before taking a horse home from training. Owners are invited to watch training sessions and eventually when deemed appropriate, partake in lessons with their horse both working on the ground and in the saddle. This helps clarify understanding and communication between the horse and owner creating a raised level of awareness, leading to a respectful and rewarding partnership.


Once a horse has arrived into training, they have priority to stay however long is necessary.

Horses are worked Monday through Friday (not by the clock.)  My goal is to start and end on a positive note.  Horses may be dropped off Monday-Friday between 8 am and 12 pm.

Pricing varies depending on if you are at the ID or AZ location. Please see below for details. Due to the waiting list for training horses, owners may reserve the next available spot by paying a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. Email to find out availability.


Idaho Facility-

Training 1 Week, Sam working with only the horse, five sessions including board  cost is $300
Full Training 1 Week, Sam works with horse and owner any combo of five sessions and including board the cost is $375.  Payments must be paid prior to each training week.

Online Training Registration and Payment
If you prefer to print, complete and mail paperwork along with a check payable to "The Equestrian Center" to register, please use these forms:
Training Contract               

Owner/Horse Information Sheet

The Equestrian Center, LLC

55 Trotter Lane

Sandpoint, ID 83864

You will receive a confirmation email and dates for the next available spot for your horse. 


Arizona Facility - please email to find out Sam's winter availability

Training- 1 Week Sam works five sessions with only the horse includes seven days board, the cost is $300

Full Training- 1 Week Sam works with the horse and owner in any combo of five sessions and includes board, the cost is $375. 
Full payment of each week is required PRIOR to training.


Online Training Registration and Payment

You will receive a confirmation email and dates for the next available spot for your horse.  Thank you!­