Alternative Horsemanship
Alternative Horsemanship

Horse and Rider Training in Yuma, AZ


Equine Assessments, Lessons & Re-education

offered October-April only

Desert Horse Riding

For those seeking assistance with their equine partner, Samantha Harvey offers limited teaching and training availability. To get started, simply email me with your specific interest, background, and availability.


If you're feeling stuck with your horse or unsure of how to progress, have Sam out for an assessment session. She can address any equine-related issues such as health, feed/diet, behavior, facility, and tack fit/usage. The cost for this service is $80/hr if located within 10 miles of 85365. For locations farther away, there is a $25 driving fee.


Riding and horsemanship lessons are also available for all levels of horse, rider, and disciplines. Samantha Harvey will come to your facility for these lessons, which cost $80-105/hr if located within 10 miles of 85365. For longer distances, there is a $25 driving fee. Please note that we do not have lesson horses available at this time, so you must have your own horse to participate in the lessons.


For those looking for weekly customized training for their horse and/or rider, Samantha Harvey offers individualized programs depending on her work travel schedule. To create a program tailored to you and your horse, simply email Sam.